The Perfect Day: Part 2

Over our food (which was exquisite), we got to know one another a little bit. Tom was easy-going, and friendly. He smoked large bent pipes full of Latakia-rich* English and Balkan blends, which was always my preference. We talked a little about our histories, shared the experience of relocating to Seattle from back East. He... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Day: Part 1

In life, there are good days and there are bad days. The bad days are often marked by missed deadlines, mounting stresses, miscommunications, and the strife of the day-to-day grind. The good days are usually scored with good food, interesting conversation, a relaxed mood, and the laughter of friends and family. Some of my best... Continue Reading →

How I got into Pipe Smoking

So then. Why? It’s a pretty elaborate answer, although the question is more of a how. It began, as they say, at the beginning. My earliest memory of pipe smoking comes from a particular Halloween when I was a young boy. There was a kind old couple that lived just down the road from me.... Continue Reading →

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